It is a pain to switch back and forth between my main computer UI setup and the Pi setup, so I enable SSH on the Pi so I can just control it from my main computer. However, SSH is not enabled on the Pi by default, so we have to do that first.

Environment and pre-requisites:

  • MacOS for main computer

Step 1 - Enable SSH

  • On the Pi's keyboard/mouse/LCD setup, open a terminal window and type:
sudo systemctl enable ssh
systemctl start ssh
  • It will pop up a box asking for your password - enter it, and SSH will be enabled

Step 2 - Find your Pi's IP address

  • Find your IP address by opening a terminal window on the Pi and typing "ifconfig" - if you're using WiFI, the inet address under the wlan0 interface will show your IP address - mine is

Step 3 - SSH into your Pi

From your computer:

  • Open a terminal window and type (replace the IP address with your Pi's IP)
ssh pi@
  • It may show you a warning (type yes) and will ask for your password.  Once you've entered your password, you'll get a "pi@raspberry:~ $" prompt - you're in!

That's it - you can now access your rPi remotely (as long as you are on the same LAN).